How much does surrogacy cost? (part 2)

Learn more about surrogacy cost and surrogate mother cost


As you talk with your surrogacy agency to calculate your surrogacy costs, pay attention for low quotations, recurring fees or hidden costs. These are typically red flags to pay attention when you chose a surrogacy agency.

surrogacy cost

It can be complicated to foresee various surrogacy costs and give an accurate cost of surrogacy. If you are thinking about surrogacy as a way to grow your family, you will want to build a budget that that take in consideration the variable and fix cost of process

When you make your budget your need to consider: surrogate mother cost and reimbursement, fees for the surrogacy agency (if you decide to work with one), psychological assessment, medical procedures and screenings for the IPs and gestational carrier (also for the egg donor if you need one), lawyer s, as well as insurance for the pregnancy.

Normally agencies fees included prescreening of surrogates, management of appointments, and assistance during the matching process, etc when you chose an agency to pay attention to what services and fees are included and not included

Also, you need to know that surrogacy is not accurate science so cost could increase if the first transfer fail and you need more transfer, also if you run out of eggs from your first retrieval because you will need to pursue a second IVF and retrieval treatment.

How much does surrogacy cost is one is one of the first questions every intended parent and as you can see there are many elements affecting the final cost of your surrogacy journey and to give a precise quotation is really complicated so before starting make a list with all the services you will need to avoid surprises during the process. Also it’s better if you take in consideration the worst-case scenario to take in consideration factors like: What if the match doesn’t work out? What if the first transfer fail? etc

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